Cattle Heat Load Toolbox

Helping you proactively manage summer heat.

Please note: The forecast will still be running during the offseason, however, SMS alerts will not be enabled. If you still wish to receive email alerts, please log in to change your settings Manage Alerts.

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 Cattle Heat Load Toolbox operational forecast season, here is a brief update of the new features for this season:

  • You will be able to save your RAP settings and results on the site and print or save it as a PDF for reference.
  • The HLDN and BoM AWS data will now be updating hourly, meaning that your site data will be displayed in near real time. Note that you must be uploading your data to us in near real-time to benefit from this!
  • We will be adding some walk through videos on how to navigate some of the features on the site and how to manage your subscription.
  • Due to a lack of interest the weekly Heat Load Outlook has been removed.

These new features are just another reason to get on board with the HLDN and make the most of your site specific data. If you need a hand in setting up your HLDN data feed please feel free to contact us for assistance. As always we are available for comments and suggestions throughout the season and are happy to help.


Kind regards,
The Katestone Team

The main observational factors of the Cattle Heat Load Toolbox

During the heat of summer there are a number of tasks that need to be undertaken on a daily basis to protect your herd from heat load.

3-steps-managing-heat-recognise 3-steps-managing-heat-plan

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