Alert Setup

Alerts are sent once a day, typically during the morning update to the CHLT website. The actual time when the alerts are sent depend on a number of factors, which include connection to initialising data and network connections.

1. Use the RAP calculator to determine your particular genus’ AHLU Level.

AHLU Heat load indicator Cattle indications
1-20 Low risk No load or panting score 1
21-50 Medium risk Panting score 1-2
51-100 High risk Panting score 2-4
Over 100 Extreme risk Panting score 4

2. Select the risk level that you want to be alerted to. Please note that if you select a ‘Low Risk Level‘ you are likely receive an alert every day.

3. Select email and/or SMS preferences.

4. Save your alert. It will be sent whenever the conditions are met.